We are focused on providing CAD mechanical design, rapid prototyping, 3D rendering and animations, 3D simulations and internet sites

About Us

Based in London, Globalma is a creative studio of designers, artists and designers, experts in mechanical CAD drawing, mechanical design, 3D rendering and animation, 3D simulations, websites and prototyping.

We are driven by the desire to create elaborate works of great visual impact; appealing and functional for web, printing or on-screen display. Globalma collaborates with large companies, small-medium enterprises, technical studios and agencies throughout the national and international territory.
We are proud to be a small studio able to give a contribution to the realization of great projects. We give the customer a continuous support during all phases of every project ensuring professionalism, short times and low costs: is our asset.

Mechanical design

Thanks to our engineers, Globalma has many years of experience in the field of mechanical design and, thanks to a highly specialized and flexible staff it's able to guarantee highly professional support on industrial and production issues with absolute reliability, punctuality and confidentiality of design data.

No matter how complex your design challenges are, we combine our skills from multiple disciplines to provide you with designs ready for manufacture!

3D Mechanical Design


Today, the industrial market is in continuous and rapid evolution and companies are forced to accelerate more and more times between design and production.
Rapid prototyping is the answer. GLOBALMA has been updated considering it essential to offer this type of service through 3D PRINTERS. 3D printing is a technology that allows objects to be created in a very short time by SLS / SLA processes.
Costs reduction, production, development and updates time shortening
Solid, monolithic and strong models for shape, assembly and functionality verification, chrome plating and alumination, creation of master molds for silicone molds, thermoforming.
Complex geometries and reproduction of objects in different scales

3D Rendering

Thanks to our staff of designers, web designers, graphic designers, computer programmers, we offer a range of cost-effective 3D rendering and modelling services for the mechanical, architectural, electrical, electronic, and structural domains. Our specialists can help you with their experience in building simple to complex 3D models and drafts using latest rendering technologies and advanced computer graphics.

3D Mechanical Design

Web design

Globalma will help you to find a creative, custom website designed to Stand Out.
We are able to offer a full service website design agency specialized in creating custom responsive websites. Whether you have an established business or you're just starting on the Internet, Globalma experienced team will help you in expanding your customer portfolio and bring your business the attention it deserves.

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